I goat this!

As with any story there is a beginning although this isn’t the beginning of our “new life” in North Carolina, this is the beginning of bringing new life to the farm.  We figured with all the construction and the lack of real experience with farm animals, we would start with what we thought was easy.  We spoke to some neighbors got in touch with a guy who was looking to sell two lonely goats, that he no longer had a need for.  The day they arrived was an exciting day for us, because well they were our first new residents.  Now I’ll be honest the only real interaction any of us have ever had with goats before was at our zoo back in Florida, and at a petting zoo or two that we would take the children too.

This was at a local petting zoo!  This is what we were expecting!

I didn’t think in my mind that it would be much different, I assumed they would be like any other cute, friendly, hungry goat we had ever visited with in the past.  Let’s just say that wasn’t at all the case, in fact, I don’t think these goats had ever been really handled, and most certainly not handled by the likes of us.  Let’s give you a mental picture, we are that family whose voice changes when we speak to living things, we are the family who attempts to speak dog, cat, or in this case goat.  We didn’t think it was too much to ask for the goats to immediately love us, I mean hello ladies don’t you realize how amazing we think you are!  As we showed the goats their new home, they ran as fast as the could away from us, we went to the left they went to the right.  The kids had treats, food, and even looks of come on goats we just want to hug you!


As the kids looked at us with complete disappointment, my husband and I looked at each other and thought, why oh why hadn’t we just bought the tiny little bouncing goats we saw for sale online?  This was better we told the kids, since this is new for all of us, it’s better they are full-grown and hardier, they would be safer from potential predators, as I attempted to reassure myself, I mean them, I was also googling, “How to make a goat love me”  and made it my mission to break the goat code with these two lonely goats on a hill.  Wait wait, that sounds familiar high on hill was a lonely goat, that’s it we will name them after Vontrapp children because who doesn’t love the VonTrapp’s.  Welcome to the family Gretl and Brigitta, you’re going to love us, we goat this!



11 thoughts on “I goat this!”

    1. So cute. As you know we have a goat, haven’t mated her yet. Her name is Emma, which she doesn’t answer to, so Tony calls her GOAT. She thinks she is a dog as she follows our two Beagles everywhere they go. Good luck with your goats. Maybe they will calm down after they have baby goats. I’m hoping Emma will.


  1. I love visiting as well as reading about your beautiful
    families adventures…. fur babies included… and I look forward to being in a few of the future adventures along the way.

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  2. Thanks! I so wish I had at least kept a diary of my time on Four Square Farm in Tennessee. So many great stories that I wish I could recall now in better detail. My experience was a but different from yours – more like Lisa on Green Acres, complete with colorful locals popping in for unexpected visits. Farm living is simply a whole ‘nother world from city life. And one it’s hard to image unless you’ve lived it.

    I am so grateful and happy that you found time to share your rural adventures with us. Not only for your friends and family today, but for your kids and their kids. And for your future self.

    And BTY, as this story shows, adopting farm animals is just like adopting children – they come with the lessons ( good and bad) that they have learned at the hands of others(good and bad). Only, they can’t understand the words you’re saying – just the ❤️. And slowly but surely they will learn that it’s safe to love you back.


    1. We have locals too! And you are so right it’s a whole new life. We have really been enjoying it and I hope one day these will be exactly that little story time capsules for all of us! If everyone could see the goats now in comparison its really unbelievable the change!


  3. Love this! I love that you googled, “how to make a goat love me!” So glad you started a blog, so we can go on this farm adventure with you.

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  4. You are an amazing writer, you make every story come to life in the mind of the reader. Love the blog! Can’t wait to read more!


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